Health At Every Size Nutrition & Body Image Group

This groups seeks to create a space free from societal weight stigma and diet culture. Participants will support one another as we discuss the impact of fatphobia, weight stigma in healthcare, as well as the physical and psychological effects of dieting as we begin to let go of food judgments and move towards body acceptance.

Dates: TBD Please call or email for more information
Day/Time: Tuesdays 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Location: 962 Wayne Ave, Suite 920, Silver Spring, MD
Cost: $400 for 6 weeks (approximately $66/ session) which can be paid weekly or at once.
*Need-based sliding scale may be available for those of marginalized identities including people of color and transgender/ non-binary individuals.

If interested, contact me to set up a consultation and discuss whether this group might be a good fit for you.